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Steven Tapia Motion Design Reel 2018
Blueface Close Up Featuring Jeremih Music Video
HBO Game of Thrones - Social Media
HBO Euphoria - Social Media
HBO Chernobyl Podcast Trailer
Blueface Stop Cappin Music Video
Even Headphones
The Glow of The Dragon Short Film
Pandora Music - Pop Quiz featuring Brent Cobb
Redbull Music Festival 2018 - Sacrifice Everything
RedBull Music Festival 2018 - Under The Influence
RedBull Music Festival 2018
General Electric - Cinemagraphs
Homeboy Sandman & Edan #NeverUseTheInternetAgain Video
Samsung 950 LED Monitor
Jordan - Build + Destroy + Conquer
Spotify - Found Them First
Spotify - Singles
Spotify - MixMates / MixtUp
Showtime Dark Net In-show graphics montage
VH1 Behind the Movie Open
VH1 Hip Hop Honors 2016 Motion Montage
Mercedes Benz - Tinder Mixed Singles US Open
Hellmann's - Game Snapchat Commercial
ABC - TGIT OMG Infinite Loop
A Dog’s Purpose Movie - Dress up
A Dog's Purpose Movie - Cinemagraph
Taboo - Swamp Cinemagraph
Time After Time - HG Wells Make Over Loop
Rated Red Logo Animation
Nike - Mamba Day
Mercedes Benz - Showroom App
Tori Deal - Not My Fault
Profiles in Badass-ery Trailer
Glasses Malone - Knock it Out ft B.O.B
A Dog's Purpose Movie - Messmaker
Bambi Cinemegraphs
Smart Car - Journey for Two
Mercedes-Benz - Smart Car - Poop Tweet Case Study
Mercedes-Benz - Smart Car - Smartpocalypse
Kat DeLuna - Bum Bum ft. Trey Songz
The Game - T.H.O.T Music Video
Adore Me Lingerie Commercial
Adore Me Fashion Forecast Commercial
Adore Me Wanna Play Directors Cut
Drew Brees Foundation & Samsung Hope for Children PSA
Jennifer Lopez Maribel Foundation PSA
Mercedes-Benz - Smart Car - Tag Your Own Adventure
Definitions Gym - Trainer
Definitions Gym - Ad Man
Dr. Scholl's - Foot Mapping
Reflection Eternal - In this World
Tony Yayo - Pass the Patron featuring 50 Cent
DJ Enuff - Pepsi DJ Division
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